Enriching Your Mind as An Influencer

Social media has shaken the ground of advertising. Anyone can be an endorser whether you are a celebrity or not. Being an influencer has so many perks like free stuff from different brands, save money on electronics, getting a steady stream of income, and living a life of equivalent or similar to a celebrity. Don’t think that there are only good sides of being an influencer, there are downsides too. It’s the pressure of being at your best at all times while keeping your followers engaged. It’s tough to always bring your A game when you don’t feel like it. But don’t fret, because there are many tools and resources to keep you inspired like magazines, and other helpful resources online.


Reading Books, Magazines, and Other People’s Blogs Should be a Habit

George Martine said, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” He cannot make this quote any better because every word nailed it. As an influencer, you have to gain knowledge so you can have something to share. Buy magazines and books that interest you. Don’t just buy them. Read them also.

Soak Yourself with Different Cultures

magazineBringing your A game everywhere is shaped by experience. The more you experience, the more you learn valuable lessons you cannot forget. Being with other people from different races is the best way to be spontaneous. You’ll be trained on how you should interact with many people or strangers. For example, you are in Hong Kong sightseeing bus some tourist attractions, a fan approached you. How are you going to respond? Can you find a common denominator to make a good conversation?

Write Better by Keeping a Journal

Keeping a journal is like writing a soon-to-be book of yours. If you think that your writing needs improvement, reading through different writing styles you can find from magazines would help. You can introduce more to your fans in the most creative way. You can compel them to buy anything even without a discount. To do that, practice with your journal and review them after.

3 thoughts on “Enriching Your Mind as An Influencer

  1. Culture may differ around the globe but the innate nature of man to follow what they think is right cross these barriers 🙂

  2. Most influencers that I know, are also advocates of what they believe to be true. They help make shape public opinion and awareness through their work.

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